Monday, February 10, 2014

Price drop on ammo pouches. Time to order some more!

3 US Military Army ACU MOLLE II Hand Grenade Pouch
Less than $3 each, new, delivered.

 Each pouch will neatly hold two loaded Garand en-bloc clips or four loaded Springfield/Mauser stripper clips..... and that is exactly what I use them for.


Anonymous said...

Thanks. I was looking for something like these - for cheap - like these. Just ordered some.

Anonymous said...

Hey Teach,
It's me again, Anonymous. Was fiddling around with my just arrived ammo pouches and discovered something you should like. You can neatly fit not two, but three full clips of Garand ammo in each one. I would use a picture but don't see how in the comments section, so I'll attempt to describe. Turn the two you have in there now, 90 degrees from where you have them. Tips should be pointing up. Now take a third clip and put it, tips down, between the other two. Closes up nice and tight with no bouncing around. Middle clip is easy to pull out first. Hope this makes sense. Wish I could use a picture.

Carteach said...

Hmm... I hadn't thought to try that. I will now! Thank you for the tip.