Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Breakfree CLP..... in a needle applicator

Yours truly has been using Breakfree CLP for years now, for exactly what the name stands for: Clean, Lubricate, and Preserve.

While I have been using the spray can version for a long time, it's only been the past week that I've had me mitts on one of these....Break Free CLP-PS-10 Precision.

I'm liking this applicator a great deal.  It lets me get deep into exactly the areas I want to clean and lubricate, without making a sprayful mess.   Just a drop at a time, perfectly placed.

With a little care, the applicator itself need not die when empty of the CLP it came with.  The needle applicator unscrews, and the gadget can be refilled with whatever one wishes.  Mobile One firearm lubricant (I favor the 20w50 version), Hoppes Benchrest Copper Remover, whatever floats your boat.

At right about $7, this dingus is a good value. I've another one coming for the range bag, and another to live in my tool box.

Yup..... I'll give it the Fat Old Man stamp of approval.


Firehand said...

Syringes are handy. I've got one I use for grease(Lubriplate SFL-0). File the point off the needle so the stuff will come out the end instead of one side, and makes it easy to put grease in an exact place in just the right amount.

Carteach said...

I haven't got any syringes laying around to try that with, but it sounds like a great idea.

I do have one applicator of that style, filled with Friction Block grease. I reserve it for triggers and sears.

Fred said...


Also available in 10 ml size

These used to be available in lots of 10, but get the 40 qty and use some as sticking stuffers.

Carteach said...

Thank you, Fred!

John said...

If you need a syringe and don't want to buy a large quantity or wait for mail order delivery, check your local farm and ranch store - around here it's Tractor Supply Company.

Most have a good stock of vet supplies including syringes and needles.