Sunday, March 9, 2014

Minor 10/22 sling tweak

The sling swivels that come with the Ruger 10/22 target rifle are perfectly adequate.   They are quite strong, of reasonable width, and function just fine for normal everyday use.

What they don't do is allow the use of detachable sling swivels.  The units installed by Ruger, while of good quality, have studs that are not drilled all the way through.  The sling attachments are simple pieces of bent blued steel that press into blind holes in the studs. 

The Fat Man wishes to use a detachable sling on his Ruger.  For the upcoming Appleseed, I'd like to get my sling in position over my arm, and then simply detach it from the rifle as needed.

So, the forward factory sling swivel on the Ruger was removed, and the pressed steel loop bent till it could be detached.  Then, using a #27 drill bit mounted in a Foredom tool, the hole in the stud was drilled through.

A Q-tip loaded with cold blue cleaned out the hole nicely, and touched up any bright metal left from the drilling.

Shazam..... a tiny tweak which makes the rifle that much more suited to me.  Sometimes its the littlest things that can make a difference. 


Long Island Mike said...

Tinkering. Isn't that a wonderful word? Hell I almost want to claim it as an AMERICAN word, but I know that the world is full of inventors and TINKERERS. (this week the BBC had a terrific article on of all things, a guy in India who re-invented the sanitary pad for the poor of India. It was hilarious and brilliant) But I digress....

This week I too was playing with my target 10/22. It though has a Hogue overmolded stock. What I was trying to do was adjust the muzzle heavyness of this model.Long story short, taking off the recoil pad revealed a hollow butt stock. After consider of weight to add I settled on some Duct Seal that I had in the garage. Plastic, dense and no cost since it was already purchased. Stuffed the butt stock with a weighed 9.5 ozs of the stuff. Brought the balance point exactly 1 inch in front of the receiver face. Success ! :)

Carteach said...

Agreed! Changing from stock to 'custom' requires no more than a little tinkering to refine the details.

For this 10/22, I have some nice Uncle Mikes 1.25" sling attachments ordered, and that will allow me to use GI canvas slings while position shooting. The stock 1" sling swivels just won't work for that.

As for adjusting the weight.... I never considered that. Now I will have to.

Windy Wilson said...

For the CMP rimfire sporter match the rifle can weigh no more than 7.5 lbs without sling.