Friday, April 4, 2014

Backup sight adventures with a Magpul MBUS

Notice anything unusual about the Magpul MBUS sight above?

Yup.... It's on backwards.  Now you may ask, and rightfully so, what idiot would put the sight on backwards?   (Holding hand up high)   "Here I are!"

Yes, I tried it on backwards and forwards.  Why?  Because that is what I DO.  I poke and prod and think about things, and regard the 'box' as a nothing but a convenient place to put the leftover wrapping.

I decided to leave mine on backwards, and here's why.  The MBUS and the standard height AR front sight on the Spikes upper co-witness perfectly with my Eotech 512. Literally not a smidgeon of difference between either in terms of group impact.  As expected, this means the 1 MOA center dot of the Eotech sight sits exactly on top of the front sight when everything is in alignment.

That said...... where is the 65 MOA big blurry circle that Eotech builds into their sight, in relation to the irons?  Well.... I'll tell you.  If the Magpul MBUS rear sight is up and engaged (backwards), the 65 MOA circle of the Eotech forms a perfect glowy ring EXACTLY inside the edge of the MBUS peep.

At least, with my normal eye relief and posture, it does.

In addition, with the MBUS sight on backwards, it's far easier for me to activate the sight's release mechanism and engage it.  At this point, it's all but instinctive to reach up one finger and push the release latch, flipping up the sight.  It's fast, instinctive, and works for me.

As for the Magpul MBUS, it suits me.  Yes, it's plastic, but that's not the boogy man it used to be.  I've been carrying a 'plastic' Glock for years, and it's taken a frightening amount of punishment without a hiccup.

The MBUS is light, very secure, stays out of the way till I need it, and when popped up serves as an excellent sight.  I have no difficulty maintaining 4 MOA groups with it, even with the midlength sight radius, a 16" barrel, and bifocals.

The whole 'lining up in glowy perfection' with the Eotech is a bonus.

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Anonymous said...

U have a windage adjustment to ensure it lines up perfectly with it anyways.