Sunday, April 13, 2014

Damn..... I thought it was clean!

Today I was moving a few things around, including a small stack of mil-surp rifles too long for the safe.  As is my habit, when I pick up these particular rifles, I pull the bolt and check the bore, as they are often shot with corrosive ammunition.

Click.... yank.... bright window.... shiny.
Click....yank...... bright window...shiny.
Click... yank... bright window..... SON OF A B!#@$

My old 91/30 Ex-Sniper had a bore gone dark.   Thinking back, it had been over a year since I fired this rifle, and I am CERTAIN it was cleaned well before being stored.  I am also certain I have checked that rifle no more than a few months ago as well, since ..... well..... mil-surp corrosive ammo.

Anywho, it called for immediate action, and a whole bunch of Ballistol*.   This 'gun oil' has been my go-to solvent, cleaner, lubricant, and preservative on mil-surp rifles for about 20 years now. 

30 minutes of vigorous scrubbing, and the old beast once again has a shiny bore.  Hopefully it has escaped serious damage from my poor stewardship.  Sorry tovarishch, I'll be more diligent from now on.

Lesson learned...... 

* Ballistol has a long and honored history. It was the black powder cartridge shooters who clued me in to it's goodness.


drjim said...

I keep hearing very good things about Ballistol.

I'll have to get some.

Anonymous said...

Went to Bart's listed on Ballistol's web site.Asked them where Ballistol was ,two guys pointed to a shelf.I picked up a can .Talked to them ,told them how the Ballistol website directed me to them and they gave me 4 Ballistol wipes! I gave Carteach a nod and Ballistol.