Sunday, March 20, 2016

A confession.... and range bag stuff

The confession part:  I haven't been doing much shooting the past year or two, and what there was involved nothing more than grabbing gear and walking out the back door of the house.   It wasn't lack of interest, but more a life too up in the air and busy.

That's changing now.  I've rejoined my local club, and Herself is ready, willing, and able to enjoy that time with me.  Interest is now trumping lethargy.

The range bag part:   I'm looking at the bags I have, and realized NOTHING is ready to go.  It's all a jumbled mess, and gear has been scavenged here and there for impromptu back yard plinking sessions.  Most didn't get put back, because I'm a stupidhead.

Viewing this stuff laid out on the brown-paper-of-shame, I'm considering my range bag needs.  One for pistols and one for rifles?  Another for matches and Appleseed? (GOING to be doing more of both).

There was some shock at what *wasn't* in any of the bags.  No eypro.  No earpro. No wipe down cloths. No staple gun.  No screw driver set. 

What was forgotten in the big bag... the reminder of a moments stupidity.  The cut off barrel from a rifle fired with a boresighter still installed.  Only a short seconds lack of concentration, but it could have been WAY worse than it was.

I'll keep that in the bag.

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