Friday, March 25, 2016

Sigh..... the old eyes are getting older.

It's a fact of life.  If your sights are blurry, then you will not be as accurate.  The same holds true for any aiming device, including the EoTech holographic sight I have used on my AR for years.

Today, I found the one MOA center dot to be a multi-MOA center blur that stretched into a 6 MOA diagonal slash depending on where I viewed it through my bi-focal glasses.

Sadly, it's time to bow before the inevitable and move to a magnified optic with a crosshair aiming point on my AR.

Oh.... and obviously, build another AR for up close fast and furious where the EoTech can still be useful.

Suggestions on optics, my friends?  The Vortex 3x has caught my eye (Pun intended). The Burris MTAC also seems to be a quality bit of work.




Daddy Hawk said...

Can't argue with either of your choices, but have you considered an illuminated reticle scope since your intent is to move the EOTECH to another AR for up close and personal work. A 3-9x40 IR scope would give you the same basic field of view as the Vortex 3x but also give you the option to dial in for a closer look. Just a thought.

johnnyreb™ said...

Sadly, due to astigmatism, all i see through a red dot is an asterisk (cluster of dots) or a comma. Or a weird combination thereof, but never a dot ...

My first (and only) red dot was a Vortex Spark. It seemed to be a fairly decent entry level optic, considering the price. Gave it to my daughter and replaced it with a Primary Arms 2.5X Compact Prism scope.

I really dig the etched reticle on their scopes. Most of them have some kind of illumination as well. The 2.5 and 3X are really a lot of fun to shoot with at shorter distances, as the CQB reticle is like having a built in caveman eotech.

Although they no longer make this particular low power scope, they do make a 3X which i will be getting this year.

Carteach said...

It's a thought, but a larger scope mounted on a16" AR always stuck me as kind of silly. To each his own. If it was a 20" tack driver, I would be all for it.

Carteach said...

I had not considered the primary arms product. Interesting. I might give that a try, as it can always be relocated to the 15-22.

Long Island Mike said...

Hmmm....before going to different optics, please consider a visit to the eye doctor. My old eyes gave me heartbreak at Camp Perry a few years back. But I found an eye doctor who happened to be a shooter. He had the patience to work with me for a solid hour as we got a prescription (surprisingly a very weak one) that miraculously cleared up the front sight again.

I now have that prescription on my several pair of ESS shooting glasses. And a separate pair of everyday glasses. The Holosight on my AR is just fine. I would NOT use bifocals for shooting.

Carteach said...

Long Island Mike, I understand about the glasses. It's an everyday battle of compromise already, with the work I do.

So far, I have resisted special shooting glasses. See, my philosophy is to shoot as good as I can just as I generally walk out of the house. No special gear. When I shoot in a match, it's against myself. No shooting jacket, no diopter lens on my glasses, sometimes not even a shooting mat. Just walk to the line with rifle, ammo, and maybe a spotting scope.

Anonymous said...

Does the same happen with 1x prism scopes?

I recently realized the eyes are not young anymore and doing funny things. I put an MTAC on my ar and it is very nice. Still want a rds carbine but it may not be feasible.

ZerCool said...

Mmmm, optics. I've got a bit of everything on my ARs:
- the 300Blk rifle has a 2-7x32 Nikon on it, duplex reticle
- the spousal(1) carbine has an Eotech 512
- the spousal(2) carbine has a Vortex StrikeEagle 1-6x
- the 22" varminter has a Bushnell fixed 10xMil-Mil
- the 16" carbine(1) has a Nikon fixed 3x
- the 16" carbine(2) has plain-Jane milspec irons
- the 10" SBR has a Primary Arms red dot
- the 15-22 SBR has a TruGlo dot thingy
- the non-SBR 15-22 upper has the factory irons

Of the above, I think the Nikon 3x is the best compromise of size/weight/utility:
The StrikeEagle is a great scope but it's bulky and heavy.
The 2-7x is a nice scope but I'm rapidly getting irritated by variable scopes.
Red dots are both nice; I really like the Primary Arms but if you're having trouble with the Eotech I wonder if the dots would also cause issues.
10x is a bit much scope for your purpose.
Irons are irons.


Carteach said...

Brian, I have a 3x Nikon ordered as of this AM. Excepting the adjustable turrets, it seems about right. I have Nikon optics on other rifles and like them a great deal.

.45ACP+P said...

On the Appleseed trail I have seen many an older shooter suffering from the wrong glasses. Bi-focals, Tri-focals and God help you if you have progressive lenses. You must see your sights clearly for precision shooting. I get a pair of full lens glasses about .50 diopters less than my reading lens. Rifle or pistol, the front sight is greatly improved if not sharp. I had gotten tired of the red crescent that was supposed to be my red dot.

Curmudgeon said...

The Vortex viper PST 1-4x24 is an excellent solution.

No red dot, but the reticle is illuminated and has 10 brightness settings. The reticle is also visible when the illumination is off. (it's an etched reticle) so if astigmatism is an issue it won't be with this scope.