Tuesday, April 26, 2016

El Cheapo PSA upper, ready for ...... the test.

What we have here..... is a test.  The Lower on this rifle is a basic decent quality Rock River with CMMG guts and a generic PSA stock.  It's good quality, but nothing special.  It's job in this here testing is to make the other half of the rifle work.  That's the Upper Receiver Group, which happens to be about the cheapest complete upper that Palmetto State Armory offers.  A PTAC unit, with NO bells or whistles.  Not even a hint of jingle or peep out of this thing.... not even a forward assist or dust cover.  It's got all the other basic M4gery parts, including an MPI tested bolt, Full auto bolt body (extra weight) and standard charging handle.

The test begins this weekend, with luck, and will consist of 500 rounds straight without cleaning or..... and here is the nasty part..... lubricant.  Moments ago I mounted an old Eotech sight to make shooting this a bit more fun, and cleaned the upper before it's first shot.  The chamber and lugs were scrubbed, and the bore as well.  Then, they were left as dry as they might be after being cleaned.  No lubricant of any kind was put back on.

Before the weekend, 500 rounds of basic Federal 5.56 will be delivered from Wideners Reloading and Shooting supply.  It's a good choice for this test, as it's also about as basic as it gets. Decent quality ammo that people shoot the heck out of since it's priced right.  The Fat Man might have a bit tucked away himself... never hurts, especially at current prices.

What I'm curious about is how well the basic Upper will function.  Doing that many rounds on a direct impingement rifle without cleaning AND without lubricating might be a bit mean. Still.... sometimes you have to push it a bit to see how things function in adverse conditions.

Besides..... (As herself just said)....a good long test also means lots of Boom Boom fun!

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