Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Big Brown Truck of boom boom happiness....

That giddy feeling when you get a text message from UPS saying they just delivered a package to your door....

From Wideners, 500 rounds of 5.56 to run through the El-Cheapo upper as a test, and a 150 round box of 9mm Steel Cased range ammo from Winchester. 

With luck, this weekend will see both offerings at the range. The self explanatory 500 round function test on the AR upper from PSA, and a look at the Winchester 9mm as well.

Given my experience with imported steel cased ammo from our tovarich in Russia, I am most interested in the cleanliness of the USA Forged from Winchester.  Such from Tula has functioned okay for me, but left my weapons heavily fouled. Also, the Tula showed me quite a wide variation in velocity.  Some of this Winchester 9x19 fodder will be run across the Chrono to see if it's up to expectations.

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