Sunday, May 22, 2016

Emergency first aid kit..... revisited.

It was roughly four years ago that I discussed building this first aid kit. 

That link will take you to the primary post back then, where all the why's and wherefore's are batted around.

Since then, the kit has mostly lived in my vehicle, that being the one place I know will be near me 'most' of the time.  Anyplace else, and I'd be too far away to access the emergency kit at least half of every day.

So far, this home built emergency med kit has survived three different vehicles, and quite a few (Decidedly minor) events.

Today was time to de-pack, evaluate, replace, and RE-pack the bag.  Needful things were found here or ordered from Amazon, and the kit goes back to it's home.  Fresh batteries in the flashlight, and swap out all the self-adhesive band-aids.  Dates were checked on medicines and anything close is being replaced.

In that time, what has been most used?

Surprisingly, the one thing most often used and restocked so far?  Benadryl Gels. Not only is the girlfriend allergic to some common things, but others have hit that hard as well.  Being deep in a forest of New York state late at night, and hearing "It's getting hard to breath" can really focus a man's attention.

Next most used, besides common bandaids?  The Steri strips.  These things magically bridge the gap between 'Put A Band-Aid On It!' and 'Awe crap.... that really needs stitches'.   I recall a 2 O'clock knock on the bedroom door.... "I was doing an avocado, and cut my hand really bad".  Yes.... stabbing a knife into your hand counts as cutting it I suppose.  After cleaning it up, I steri-stitched it closed. The next day it didn't look bad at all, and I don't think she ever did see the doc about it.

The duct tape was removed some time ago.  Far too useful to leave in the bag, I suppose. I also didn't like sending someone into the bag every time they wanted tape for something.  Too often, I worried the whole kit would get moved or raided.

Added in at the suggestion of knowledgeable people, a CPR resuscitator.  I was SUPPOSED to get the training I need to properly use this widget, but that slipped by the wayside as so many things do. Not only is it difficult to find such training around here, any first aid training at all can be a chore to round up.   Yeah, I know.... get off my ass and find it!  In the meantime, here's a handy YouTube video that lends a clue. 

Something overlooked before, but added now.  Tylenol, Ibuprofen, and antacids. While all these are well represented in my home, my work, and the girlfriends purse (larger on the inside than the outside), having them in this kit as backup can't hurt.

Something I'm damn grateful to have never needed yet, the Israeli blowout bandages. It's comforting to know they are there, but with luck they'll never be called to duty.  Again, a handy video on their use.

As always, I'm happy to hear good ideas from all the shmart people in the tribe.  Any thoughts? Suggestions?   Pointed barbs of sarcasm aimed at my ignorance?   All are welcome!

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ZerCool said...

Don't sweat the pocket mask. Yes, if you have two people to do CPR, use it - but otherwise, compressions-only is the best bet. Hard and fast, at least 100 compressions per minute. Don't sweat the goofy ratios that AHA and ARC keep changing of compressions to breaths... I think most any professional that's done CPR in the real world will agree that it's "just keep pushing, and squeeze in a breath when you can".

Compressions only CPR

Red Cross CPR classes

AHA CPR classes