Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hmm.... Mossberg acting badly?

I'll link this story to where I read it (The Firearms Blog), but beware they are a linkfest site, with heavy advertising.

It seems Mossberg bought up the old Chip McCormick patent for drop in triggers a while back, and has now decided to go after a bunch of small fry companies making such gadgets.

I'm afraid things like this DO color my buying decisions.  The firearms community is not particularly huge, with most companies we deal with being quite small.  A relatively big company in the business that's attacking small entrepreneurs strictly for financial gain,. and limiting our buying choices by doing so.....   that's a company I will avoid doing business with.

It's not the first time Mossberg has pulled this stunt.  I understand it as a business move, but understanding does not equal agreement.  Just because the law says you CAN do something doesn't mean it's the RIGHT thing to do.


Long Island Mike said...

Wow, you jumped the shark on this one. How many patents for your cellphone? How many patents for the cars you work on? It is fine for the Chinese to copy and sell any American designed and enginerred part/assembly? IP is the lifeblood of manufacturing. Some guy comes up with an idea. He has neither the money nor ability/desire to make and sell it. So he SELLS the idea. Now somehow the new owner is immoral because he wants to protect it? This is exactly what the Chinese do. Back engineer a product. Steal the ideas. Produce it and undercut the owner. Put the owner out of business.

If this is what you think is good, then join the Obama train.

Carteach said...

LIM, I believe his could have been handled in a much better way by Mossberg. Not actually using the patent in any way themselves, they could have offered to license it's use to small manufacturers in the industry who are no competition to themselves. No.... they filed lawsuits, fully understanding this will bankrupt a dozen or two small business's in the industry. Mossberg does not operate in a vacuum. What they choose to do in cases like this effects their customers, and their customers have every right to react.

Mossberg filed suit against Timney in 2012, and has had no luck so far making their case. Now they are moving on to 'Patent Trolling' other companies. The patent, in small part, reads as follows: "The trigger group module, pre-assembled with one or more trigger group components, may be inserted to the operating position and then held in place using the OEM pin receptacle.". That is ridiculously broad and IMHO practically unenforceable.

This patent is not for a particular trigger design, but the idea of putting all the trigger guts in a housing that attaches to the firearm. This seems to me the definition of 'An Overly Broad Patent'.

Just because it's legal to do something, does not make it the right thing to do. Mossberg bought this patent, so therefor they have the right to seek legal remedy if they think it's being infringed upon. I believe this is more a case of patent trolling, trying to extort money from small business's under threat of financial ruin through legal fee's.

My opinion. Your mileage may vary.

JPD said...

This is where I must agree with Carteach. Mossberg is going after small AMERICAN companies. LIM, you have a point, but the situation is different. Chinese and other countries rip off American companies for big bucks. Timney? Seriously, nice company, but that's pocket change.

Glen Filthie said...

CT is bang on the money with this.

I dunno about the rest of you but I am utterly disgusted at the declining quality of North American made guns. Big Green and Marlin can whine to me about offshored jobs all they want - they are selling unfinished guns and when the Chinese can crank out a better quality gun than the American can - the Yank deserves what he gets. Hell's bells, if these guys were doing the job right there wouldn't even BE a need for aftermarket triggers. If you mean to sit there and tell me that Ruger can't furnish a gun with a trigger that breaks like glass - in this day of CNC machines and microprocessor controlled manufacturing and QA/QC - I call BS! As far as that goes - Mossberg has never been at the top of the list as far as quality goes either.

The entire industry needs an enema and then a good reset. The junk they are selling today never would have passed muster 30 years ago.