Sunday, May 29, 2016

I suspect there will be load development for this..... (PSA Upper and Timney Trigger)

PSA has been sending me 'Memorial Weekend Sale' e-mails two or three times a day since last week.

Finally... FINALLY..... I succumbed.

The above, with a decent optic on Warne rings, and swapped onto my RRA lower as wished.  That lower has a decent 3.5 lb Timney trigger now, instead of it's original 8 lb two stage fire control unit.  Add in a muzzle device designed by Chuck Bogardus, and it will have the makings of darn nice accuracy rig.

Speaking of the Timney Drop-In Trigger..... The Fat Man likes it.  Now, I have a few Timney Triggers on other rifles, but this is my first non-stock AR trigger.

I ordered this from MidwayUSA while it was on sale, with Free Shipping yet.   Lets talk about the 'Free Shipping'.

MidwayUSA uses UPS 'Mail Innovations'.  This bastardized mix of shipping methods has the package handed over to the Post Office at some point in route.  In my case, The nice folks at the Post Office gave my new trigger a grand tour of several counties in my area, only 'Finding' it when I called in frustration a week after ordering it.

My advice?  If it's coming via UPS 'Mail Innovations', DON'T look at tracking for a week or so.  It will only serve to raise your blood pressure.

Anyway, the trigger....

It took less time to install than I spent on the phone with the Post Office. 

Drop off the grip, without losing the spring and detent that live underneath it.  Cock the lower, and remove the safety. Drift the pins on the trigger and hammer out.... and the old parts are out.  

This happened WAY faster than it took me to put it together a few years ago.

To install the Timney... Drop it into place (get it?), and re-install the old pins. Once the trigger pins are in place, the Timney has set screws to keep one of them firmly in place, and eliminate any play in the unit.  These are located under the hammer spring, and a tool is included to tighten them. In a nice touch, threaded plugs are also included to lock the screws into place.

There are videos on YouTube available to show how all this is done, which is comforting.  Though.... it really does take minutes and is over before you know it.

The factory RRA trigger measured 8 lbs on an RCBS trigger scale.  The Timney, a consistent 3.5 lbs in single stage.

Yeah.... I expect to shoot this rifle better now.


Anonymous said...

Which upper is that?

Carteach said...

Anonymous, the link under the word succumbed should take you directly to it. Let me know if that doesn't work for you.

Curmudgeon said...

I've been using the Ruger Elite 452 2 stage units which you can pick up form ~$110.

Not a drop in but how often do you change the things?

They're really nice triggers. Don't get me wrong I've a couple of Timney drop-ins in my SCAR17 and Tavor.

But for the money, in an AR the Ruger is hard to beat,