Sunday, May 1, 2016

On a more serious note, something to think about.....

Advancing age has it's drawbacks, all trumped by the simple act of waking up each morning still alive.

Advancing age also has some advantages, such as the 'Been there, Seen that, Done that' syndrome.  If one hangs around this mortal coil long enough, one gets to see things happen that have happened before.  It's a micro correlation of the old adage:  Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

What has the Old Fat Man's thoughts meandering this way?  Elections, my friends.  Elections. They have results, they have consequences, and they have sometimes predictable opportunities.

Most of my friends that I write for here.... you've been around a bit.  Do you recall the results of the last few major elections for us in the shooty world?  Yeah.... people lost their tiny little minds.  They thought there was a chance His New Highness would move to steal our human rights away, first removing our ability to defend them. Luckily, that turned out to be mostly just bloviating hot air as most politicians spew every waking moment.

Right or wrong in their reaction, American citizens DID react.  They bought guns, and they bought ammo. While they still could.  People who never owned a weapon in their lives suddenly decided they needed one RIGHT NOW.

The results were utterly predictable.  After all, the American gun industry, as thriving as it is, is still a pretty small business compared to the mass of 'Murican humanity.  No industry could keep up with only a sudden 30-40% increase in demand, let alone an overnight 200% increase.

Yeah..... supply dried up and demand went nuts.  Gun shops were reduced of stock quickly. Ammo flew off shelves.  On-line bulk ammo suppliers went dry fast, and then screeched and crawled under the pallets as demand increased even more.

Other predictable results came to pass as well.  Public ranges were swamped and private gun clubs saw their membership skyrocket.  Firearms 'trainers', good and bad, sprung up and got busy fast. Also predictable, violent crime dropped across the board in America, excepting those bastions of socialist joy that deny their peasants the human right of self defense.

But.... that's not what I write about here.

What has me pondering this fine rainy morning, is the notion of what I should be doing investment-wise right now, knowing what is coming this election year.  I've lived through a bunch of these events, and they are predictable in their consequences.  After all... being honest with ourselves.... we DO know who will be elected President this year.... don't we?

Right now, the first day of May, the year 2016, at 8:19 am... I can buy almost anything I want in the way of ammunition and firearms.  I can do it on-line, while sipping coffee.  Ammo delivered to my door by a knowing UPS driver, firearms sent to my local dealer where I pick them up after the legalities are observed.  The only hindrance being my own financial situation  (Hey STOP laughing there!  I heard that!)

Tomorrow?  Two months from now?  November 9th?   I can't promise what will be available then, or not available at any price.  I can't promise.... but I can predict with some measure of certainty.

What do you think?


David said...

Having been through the past two presidential elections, and various mass-killing incidents, I agree with you -- the situation in the future is wholly predictable. As much as finances allow, I've been buying ammo at a greater rate than I shoot it. I know folks who have given up practicing to preserve ammo, that's counter-productive. Even though one can never have "enough" guns, I'm at least well-prepared in that area. And magazines, don't forget magazines. Those will get hard to get and more expensive. And if we are saved from our own destruction, and we end up NOT being a fully anti-2A socialist country in a few years, well, that ammo ain't going to go bad!

Long Island Mike said...

"What has me pondering this fine rainy morning, is the notion of what I should be doing investment-wise right now..."

Can I humbly suggest to everyone that now is the time to come up to speed on the intellectual aspects of life that will be needed. I have to suppose we have in the last 8 years bought enough guns and ammo. So how about some Red Cross classes in medical stuff? Buy a book on survival medicine. Put together a good medical kit and know how to use it. I don't mean anyone has to become a neuro-surgeon. But good back to basics Boy Scout/GI basic training stuff. Broken leg, stab wound, gunshot. Infection control and hygiene etc...

Also have gone out and spent a couple hundred bucks on freeze dry food. Stored them in the basement for an unknown event.

Just two of the universe of things to do besides guns IMHO.

Carteach said...

Long Island Mike.... while my thinking with this post is more towards investment ideas, I can't fault your reasoning one bit. Good advice.

David said...

I agree with Mike as to the need for survival skills. However, Red Cross first aid isn't going to be useful in a breakdown situation. Red Cross assumes you're getting to a hospital in the next couple hours. When there's a breakdown, or even an pandemic, the local hospital is the last place you may want to be. Get a good battlefield first aid class. Don't forget to store meds like anti-biotics, ant-diarrhea meds, etc. (Greg Ellifritz's Collapse Medicine is a good one.)

Ammo is always to good to invest in. And I can't recall a time I didn't have 30 days of food, and large amounts of water stocked.

Thought provoking post Carteach!