Saturday, May 14, 2016

Weekend ramblings.....

Some random thoughts running through my mind as I wait for the tea to brew (I do mine from loose leaf in a percolator. Don't leave your spoon in, unless it's stainless).

A couple AR lower receivers rolled in, and are now stashed for a time when I (a) have money to buy parts, and  (b) have time to build a couple.

Bought as investment in the face of almost certain mass stupidity in the near future, I suspect these receivers will grow up to be interesting additions to the family.

One, likely will turn into an A2 match rifle.  The other a heavy barrel accuracy rig with a telescope on it.  That, of course is all subject to rapid and frequent changes.

In other internal mumblings, the sound of keys jangling woke me with an idea....

See, here at the Dark Castle I've amassed just a bit more than the safe will hold (And when will someone design a safe that holds Mosins??).  That means I needed an armory..... you know..... a closet.   So there is a closet where all the extras go.   Being that somehow, through insanity I suppose, I have allowed children to abide in the Dark Castle again, that closet also gets to hold all the medicines in the house, and anything else I don't want those rotten crumb crunchers getting into.

Yes, it has an entry lock.  Yes, we need to get in multiple times daily.  Yes, that is a pain in the ..... it's a pain.  Imagine every day at 4:30 AM  "Where the hell did I leave my keys THIS time??"

That is where the idea came in... why don't I see about an electronic lock for the armory?

A quick peruse of Amazon via cellphone as I lay half awake, showed a wide selection available.   Enough that the decision got set aside til after the mornings tea had a chance to dissolve some of the sleep from my eyes (and stomach).

Requirements:  Simple to use, not crazy difficult to install, a key backup of course, and not so wildly expensive that I cry if it turns out to be a POS.   Any of my gentle readers here who have experience or ideas on this, please chime in.  I only wish to buy one of these things.... not a collection like my Big Box 'O Holsters.

Speaking of holsters, and this speaks to how my mind wanders before the tea smashes the fog, I recently renewed my carry permit.  While in our Sheriffs office, I asked the nice man how busy he was lately.  He said it had finally slowed down a bit, and lately they only had about 50 new applications a day.  In a county of 500,000.   I take these numbers as promising, and tweaking them in regards to time and assumptions, I am thinking about 10% of our population have carry permits.  

Also in regards to holsters... and another example of how convoluted my brain works... I need practice with my carry pistol.  The G30 needs to get another 500 rounds of .45acp very soon, less my sad skills fade to zero.   Thinking that thought, I wonder if it's time to consider a switch?  I've carried that compact Glock for many years, and I'm happy with it.  On the other hand.... 9mm ammo has come so far lately.  Is it time to trick up a 17 or 19 for carry duty?

The tea is ready.... and I am ready for it.  Ya'll have a fine weekend my friends, Ya hear?

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Long Island Mike said...

Just a suggestion...consider getting the stripped lowers Cerakote'd while they are stripped. Will cost around 70 dollars stripped.