Saturday, June 18, 2016

Assembling an AR-15 Lower Group..... over morning coffee.

Yes.... exactly that.  This morning, over my *second* cup of coffee (because I am not a complete idiot), I assembled an AR-15 lower unit.  The receiver, an Anderson bought from AIM, and the lower kit being a PSA house-made budget ensemble.

Using a video instruction put out by Larry Potter of MidwayUSA, as I always do:

My tools?  Minimal.  I'm comfortable doing the work over a towel spread on the living room floor, while sipping coffee and half listening to the parrot singing at me from her perch.

A decent screw driver set, since I'm not above using such as a pin punch in a panicked pinch. An AR multi tool, to install the stock nut. A small hammer, to tap in pins. Forceps, to hold said pins till started. A tiny tap, with matching threaded plugs to install behind the take-down pin detent spring. Finally, a needle applicator of CLP to apply a drop here and there as I go.  Masking tape is optional, but a good idea.  The video explains why.

Following the handy video, pausing at each step and replaying as needed to be 100% sure I've got it correct, it took me approximately .5 cups of coffee to get the job done.

The towel on the floor is *supposed* to keep parts in order, and prevent the tiny detents and springs from going too far.  In actuality it becomes the ONE PLACE we can be ASSURED that we won't have to look when a Tiny little %$@!&# detent goes flying.  The parrot laughed.  Ha ha.... very funny.

In other news, MidwayUSA sells a very nice essential small parts kit for AR builders, which has several spare detents and springs in it.  

After what seemed like only a few minutes, a box of parts became a fully assembled and functioning AR-15 lower receiver group.   Next step...... Lego rifles!


mc said...

I did my first lower build with exact same parts from same places except the lower kit was PSA polished trigger group Magpul edition. Only issue I had was grip screw would not go into the lower more than one and a half turns. I emailed AIM, PSA, & Anderson. The last two sent me new screws to try. Neither worked. Luckily I found one in my garage spare parts bin that fit. I used blue loctite to keep it tight. I also got a full upper from PSA to complete it. Have not had chance to take to range yet and zero it in. Maybe this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! I got in on that Anderson lower sale too. Picked up a RR MOE lower parts kit at the LGS and a premium mid length upper as well as a premium bolt/carrier group from PSA (on sale of course). I'm jonesing to put the lower together but am forcing myself to wait until all the parts are here. PSA's wait/ship time is torture. I ordered everything the day before Orlando, but that may have something to do with the wait.

Huey said...

I agree not much needed to assemble one, you got it all covered. Only thing I would do is get a scrap block of wood and drill dome holes in it to use as aids in punching out the pIns.....Cheaper than a plastic "armorers block" bought online