Sunday, June 5, 2016

Rimworld, Stranded, by Jim Curtis (OldNFO). Ya'll go get this, ya hear?

Jim Curtis (OldNFO), Author and all round good guy, is expanding his repertoire into Mil-Sci-Fi, and I say it's bloody well about time!

His first toe-dip into the genre is Rimworld, Stranded. It's available on Amazon right now as a short story, which we Kindle Unlimited readers get for 'free' as part of our deal.

Jim's 'Grey Man' series reveals his vast and deep knowledge of firearms and shooting.  Now this move to Mil-Sci-Fi will let him combine that with his military experience, and I expect GREAT THINGS from this.

Ya here that Jim?  GREAT THINGS.

No pressure, my friend.

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