Friday, June 3, 2016

Palmetto State Armory, and a Mea Culpa

Yesterday I posted a rant-ish piece regarding PSA, shipping policies, and my disappointment.  Shortly after posting it, I had second thoughts and pulled it down.  My conscious was whispering at me  "Hey fathead.... it's only been a few days..... what kind of twit are you that expects instant gratification??"

In this case, the voice in my head was right.  The problem was *not* with Palmetto State Armory, if there could even be said to have been a real problem.

It looks like UPS registered the address label as being made, and then never updated tracking again till the Upper was practically at my door.  It went from "Label made, but we ain't got nuttin yet" straight to  "The truck is pulling up to your house now".

So there it is... the major component to my next AR assemblage.  It lacks a bolt group, and I expect to be ordering a Nickle Boron unit from AIM for this.   Then, optics.  I'm not putting on opens, but just staying with a Nikon scope.  I have several already, and can't pick a single nit regarding their product.  Rings will be the Warne ultra high QD steel, as I have those on another AR and they are bulletproof.  The lower it will go on is my Rock River unit which I've already installed a 3.5lb Timney trigger in.  On the muzzle, a Beehive brake from Chuck Bogardus at Ozark precision.

This upper has an 18" stainless A2 profile barrel with a .223 Wylde chamber.  It's light, but has a free floating tube and is noted for decent accuracy.

If I do this right, and haven't goofed up anyplace, it should be fairly straight shooting.  

I hope. 

Now, on the topic of muzzle devices..... I seem to be starting a collection.  I hadn't planned that, but sort of like kittens.... they just happened.

This has given me a bright idea (Insert light bulb flashing here).  Once I get this Frankenrifle shooting decently, why don't I run an experiment in regards to muzzle devices and accuracy?  The question in my mind... how much does accuracy change between a bare muzzle, an A2 style flash hider, and an actual muzzle brake?  I have a few other muzzle gadgets to toss into the mix... and now that I'm thinking about it I'm really very curious.

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Hat Trick said...

I have been told that a bare muzzle is the most accurate. I look forward to seeing your results