Sunday, July 10, 2016

Amongst my other flaws.....

I may have fallen victim to an entirely human flaw.  That of believing wishful thinking will become reality, given enough strident wishing.

When I assembled a Franken-AR to be an 'accurate' rifle, I made the false assumption it should BE accurate, just because that was my intention.   Thus, I was sorely disappointed on it's first range debut, finding it had at best only average accuracy.

Right out of the box, I expected flights of singing angels, and tight groups, from an untried assembly of components and cheap ammunition.

Wow.  Just bloody.... wow.  Self realization with a blasted big stick.  I'm an idiot.

At the age of 14, I was glass bedding a marlin .22 bolty and polishing it's muzzle in the search for better accuracy as a squirrel rifle.

Decades ago, I was still on that search with big bore rifle.  Bedding, action work, bore polishing, better triggers, better optics, different muzzle cuts, and above all else.... building superior ammunition matched to the rifle.

I have a $79 Turkish Mauser with $200 worth of new parts and untold hours of labor, just to make it accurate enough to suit me.

I have a Bolt action 30-06 Interarms Mauser that's a supremely accurate hunting rifle..... after weeks and weeks of careful load development.

Now I spend a few hours assembling an AR, one from column A and two from column B, and expect it to be a laser from the first shot.     Yes, proof positive I am an idiot, or at least human.

Okay, got it.  Mea Culpa.  I'll get my head straight and get on process to make it work right.  I've a pretty good idea what it takes, and it will happen given enough solid work and careful thought.  The rifle has shown signs it *can* shoot straight, if I do my part.

Let the load development begin, and the unreasonable expectations... end.



Dav343 said...

I bought a stag model 1, about 7 years ago, it was dead on outa the box....$700.

Anonymous said...

I just finished my first AR build - mostly inspired by you. I saw your post on the $39 Anderson lower and made an impulse buy. After it arrived, I couldn't just let it sit there. So I did some research and started collecting parts. Caught good sales at PSA on the majority of them. Ordered a "premium" upper because it had an FN barrel which I'm assuming will make it magically accurate. Haven't been to the range yet, so thanks for the reality check.

Phillip Cooper said...


Good to see you posting again. Just wanted to touch baase and say thanks for inspiring me to find something for those two Laur Arms consecutive lowers that have been sitting in the back of my gun safe for about 10 years. I've finished building the lowers and am now searching around for upper parts.