Sunday, July 3, 2016

Muzzle devices designed and built by Chuck Bogardus (The Bogie)

So, there's this guy. His name is Chuck Bogardus, he's a curmudgeonly old coot, and some kind of magical machinist type person. We walks out into his insanely hot machine shop in St Luis, and dreams up things we can screw onto the muzzles of our rifles.  Flash suppressors, muzzle brakes, hybrids, 'compliance' devices (Pointy things).... you name it, he carves metal til it appears.

Here's the thing now.... the mad Santa Claus machinist could use some sales right about now. There's rent to be paid, electricity is kinda nice, and a powerful need to eat sometime this month.

If you have a hankering for something pretty darn good on the end of your barrel, or think you might want something like that in the future, or hell... Christmas is coming.... I'd consider it a favor if you'd drop a line to Chuck and consider buying some of his products.  I've got three so far, and I'm very pleased with them indeed.

Contact Chuck at, or friend him on Facebook (


Jon said...

I've got a couple of Bogie's magical metal ministrations, and I am very pleased indeed. One Tactile Persuader (aka the Zombie Brain Core Sampler), and one of his newest creations, the "Greedo" because, as he so succinctly put it, "Han shot first".

Bill Collins said...

I got one from him for my son's rifle. I have two more 100% lowers and two 80% lowers after that on is finished. Chuck WILL be my go-to guy for every one of them. Stand-up guy and knows his stuff! If I had the money, I'd keep him in business all by myself.