Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Well, I didn't shoot anyone this morning......

So I've got that going for me.  I mean, not shooting people is on my daily to-do list, and it's always good to get the big stuff out of the way bright and early.

On the other hand, I did put hand to weapon, and was quite ready to go the next step if pushed.

Let me 'splain.   I'll do this in 'bullet point fashion' as chronological order is best I think.

  • I was up at 3am, for a 4:30 alarm.  Blasted leg cramps... so lots of time for coffee, reading, and getting ready for my day.  Towards that end, I was dressed and ready to boogie by 5am. although Herself was not ready till 5:30.... sigh.   By dressed, I mean dressed, and that includes a G-30 in a belt holster and fully charged Fenix flame-throwing flashlight (Which I use all day at work).
  • 5:30, we go out the front door.  My car is parked directly in front of the house. Herself is in a foot cast, and I make that commute to the car as short as possible, both coming and going. Thus the car is 10 feet from the house, along our sidewalk.
  • I 'Chirp' my car unlocked, and open the passenger rear door to toss in a spare uniform for this hot and sultry day.  In the light of the interior courtesy light, a dark lump is on my front seat.
  • First thought.... "What did I leave on my seat?".  Second thought.... "I left NOTHING on my seat".  Third thought.... "I recall not locking my car last night".  Fourth thought.... "Someone put something on my seat".    Now, all these thoughts took place in less than a second.
  • The Dark Lump Moved.
  • .0002 seconds later, the dark something has resolved itself into a white male with a beard, buzzed short hair, a black shirt/jacket/whatever.  Facing rearward, curled up, his face buried into my headrest.
  • I reacted .0003 seconds later.  I stepped back, creating distance, and said the obligatory 'Oh Shit' at the same time one hand went to my weapon and the other to my light. There I froze, waiting movement from the Mr. Dark Lump Dude.  The car interior light was enough to see him by, now that I knew what he was.
  • Thoughts:  "Do I know this guy?" NO.   "Is that one of my sons?"  NO.   "Is that a former student?"  Always a chance.   This took another .0002 seconds.
  • Herself reacts by asking "What's the matter?"
  • I respond with "THERE IS A GUY IN MY CAR AND I'M ABOUT TO SHOOT HIM!".   The thought..... if this guy is conscious that may provoke response.  I've had experience rousting drunks and bums in a former life, and sometimes it takes a real push to get a reaction. They will often play dead just to be left alone.
  • No response from Mr. Dark Lump Dude... except some twitching.
  • I shut the door, backed up to the porch, and engaged my light while keeping a hand close to my weapon.  A few moments looking, and it's pretty clear what I am facing. A scruffy guy who was stumbling down the road, and took shelter in the car to sleep off whatever he's on.  My guess, only slightly educated, would be heroin, alcohol, and weed.
  • Breath, and back down from Defcon 1 to Defcon 2. 
  • Call 911, but first... use my phone to take a few pictures of the guy. I know calling 911 will lock my phone all to hell up and disable every other function.   Mr. Dark Lump Dude never even moves as the flash goes off. 
  • Give a concise description to the operator, get transferred a few times, end up with our State Police who cover this area.  I describe it all again, say thank you, hang up, and begin waiting.
  • Response time was about 15 minutes, as I was quite clear we were in no fear of harm.
  • The nice officers arrived, each took a side of the car, and there was a little bit of 'point the guns' and "Show me your hands!".  Lump Dude had no idea what was happening, where he was, or probably who he is.  To be purely honest, my foremost thought was "Man, please don't shoot him in my car!  That will be a bitch to clean!"  I MAY have said that out loud.  Not sure on that.
  • 6am.... we wiped down the interior with bleach wipes and hit the road to work.
 One lesson learned:  I have grown very complacent on home security. Especially with the passive stuff.  My car should not have been there, should not have been unlocked, and the motion lights should have been working. I should have checked that car before ever getting near it.

Other lessons are coming to light, as I think about it. One is that I should clean my car out more than once a week..... sheesh.



Bob said...

Glad things turned out ok. Yah, complacency can really screw your life up. It's screwed up, though, that one must sometimes live in an area where a level of alertness is required that makes complacency even an issue.

Carolyn Zerbe said...

You always forget to mention I wanted to thwack him with a stick. Shooting him would have resulted in far too much paperwork.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

You done good! Improving security goes on and on. Nobody expects something like this in the early morning.

Carteach said...

Bob, my home is relatively in the country. Not many people walk past here because it's a mile in either direction to get to anything.Farmlands surround the houses on the road. I still normally block the car and the house. It only takes one slip at the wrong time, you know?

Carteach said...

my bloodthirsty babe!

Carteach said...

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition? I know, but it happens and one should be prepared.

Long Island Mike said...

You just need to have THE WOLF on speed dial... LOL

Long Island Mike said...

On a serious note... I don't recall if you have blogged about DGU insurance. In my own case, I overcame my own sloth a couple of years ago and purchased insurance. After some research I went with both the NRA/Lockton and the USCCA policies at the low levels. I highly recommend anyone who might be in an armed confrontation look into insurance.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

I am looking at insurance, too. We had over 20,000 in damages to home and car from our perp, and luckily did not have to use deadly force. The expense would have been much greater. Keeping your head in these situations is imperative.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

I expect it all the time since our little problem last February. The Mrs does too, and we conduct our lives more carefully now.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

I expect it all the time since our little problem last February. The Mrs does too, and we conduct our lives more carefully now.

Anonymous said...

try coconut water for the leg cramps

Reg T said...


I know this is an older post, but it reminded me of a somewhat-funny incident. I worked graveyards at CHP (California Highway Patrol) in Yreka, CA (WAAAY up north, just 40 miles south of the Oregon state line).

One morning, when our shift ended (0730), one of the guys went to climb into his personal vehicle to drive home. He had left it unlocked (it was inside the fenced yard behind the station, but the gate was left open), and some drunk had passed out in his front seat. AFTER throwing up all over the seat and himself. Glen was ribbed for years about that one, although he didn't think it was all that funny at the time.

Evelyn Logan said...

Strangely, a method of getting rid of a leg cramp immediately is to take 1 or 2 teaspoons of regular yellow sandwich mustard (like, but not necessarily, French's). I don't know why it works, but it does. Increasing your potassium intake is good for the long run, if you have them frequently.

Very glad your situation turned out as it did for all concerned. The person sitting in my car uninvited was a "prospective suitor" (that's what he told the police), translates to "stalker." Since he had his hands and face on the dashboard, busily being silent, my gun aimed at him from across the car, his explanation didn't exactly fly. Car's locked and alarmed now, period.

bart simpsonson said...

So was all that crap on the back seat floor yours or his?

Kristen Bradshaw said...

LOL! I’m wondering though about telling 911 that you were not in fear of danger. If things went south and he came around but was combative, you could have been in some trouble for shooting him.