Saturday, December 10, 2016

Curiosity... what I carry every day.... what do you carry?

As Winter sets in, load outs change. Jackets and vests have 'stay there' stuff in the pockets, and that includes back up guns.

My everyday carry is the same Glock G-30sf .45 I've holstered for.... lets see.... 7 years now.  Give or take.

Not long after buying it, I installed a Lasermax Guide Rod laser.  Crimson Trace doesn't make anything for this pistol, and tells me they don't intend to.  So.... the Lasermax, and after a few hiccups it's been working perfectly all these years.  It's even generated a story or two, which I'll share some day.

The G-30 also picked up a Lone Wolf disconnecter along the way.  That and the laser are the only changes I've made to the basic platform.  Aside from taking a good shot at wearing the finish off from daily carry, that is. 

In the vest, as BUG, my Ruger LCP.  This pistol has lived in one pocket or another for over five years now, removed only to be cleaned and have an uncomfortable box of ammo run through it occasionally.

Both the G-30 and the LCP are loaded with Liberty Civil Defense ammo.  I'm happy with the performance I've seen from it in my testing, but I'm not wedded to it.  One day I'll run out of the stuff, and look around for the next premium defensive ammo I'd like to carry.  Since I tend to shoot very few people..... as in none....I'll have to trust 'statistics' in my ammo selection  (Let's hope I am never forced to add to those statistics).

Alternate BUG, living in the jackets for those really cold days.... a Taurus stainless .357 snubby loaded with 158 grain LHP's  (The classic FBI load).   It too gets fired and cleaned regularly, which is why it wears a decent recoil absorbing grip.  I could see this pistol getting a Crimson Trace grip on it, one day soon.  I'm a fan, when they make something that fits what I have.

Okay, that's the daily carry load, depending on what I'm wearing I guess. The G-30 is rather like my pants.  If I'm wearing one, I'm wearing both.  The BUG's have their place, and generally go along with me anytime it's cool enough to wear a garment.

So.... I'm curious.   What do you chose?


Daddy Hawk said...

I've carried a Glock 23 and a Rossi .357 snubbie. My current desire is leaning heavily towards the Glock 30s. I've come to find I shoot Glocks as well or better than revolvers and almost as good as a full size 1911. So, it's really a no brainer.

drjim said...

Seeing as we still live in Kommiefornia, I don't carry.

However, once we move to Colorado next year, I'll get my CCW permit, and carry a 45ACP.

I'm a big guy, so carrying a full sized 45ACP won't be much of an issue....

James Zachary said...

Too hot for summer but wonderful in winter, Galco VHS shoulder rig with S&W .357 Magnum J-Frame

Glock 43 in Don Hume pocket holster, right pants pocket (often same in summer)

Curmudgeon said...

I carry a 1911 plus 2 mags in a zip slide holster.. You remember 1911s? They're like Glocks only for men..

jimmie said...

Sig 938 in a desants pocket holster. Sometimes a m&p 45c with an alienwear 2.0 iwb.

Anonymous said...

Ruger P95, On your 6 OWB or IWB and 2 mag holster this winter so far. I know the P95 is not new, sexy or striker fired but mine meets the criteria of the three requirements for a carry gun. It is 1) reliable, 2) reliable and 3) reliable. Has worked ever time I have pulled the trigger.

Anonymous said...

Glock 30 and Bersa .380. I really like the Glock and especially like your shared experience with the laser on yours.