Thursday, July 5, 2018

AR Pistol. I haz a wants.

I put forth this theory:

An AR-15 'pistol' with a 10.5" barrel and a 'Brace' (that is most assuredly NOT a SBR with a rifle stock as the BATFIEO has carefully explained) would make a dandy home defense weapon.  Especially so out here in the semi-sticks where I live.  A place where neighbors are not RTFT on the other side of the wall, and our local po-po ain't local in any way at all.

Equipped with stupid bright weapon light and green laser, both for target ID and rapid sighting.

Maybe something that looks like this:

Only with a few more inches on the tube, and an adjustable 'brace'.  Oh, and sights, just in case there's any sighting to be done.


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