Thursday, July 5, 2018

AR Pistol. I haz a wants.

I put forth this theory:

An AR-15 'pistol' with a 10.5" barrel and a 'Brace' (that is most assuredly NOT a SBR with a rifle stock as the BATFIEO has carefully explained) would make a dandy home defense weapon.  Especially so out here in the semi-sticks where I live.  A place where neighbors are not RTFT on the other side of the wall, and our local po-po ain't local in any way at all.

Equipped with stupid bright weapon light and green laser, both for target ID and rapid sighting.

Maybe something that looks like this:

Only with a few more inches on the tube, and an adjustable 'brace'.  Oh, and sights, just in case there's any sighting to be done.



David aka True Blue Sam said...

Varmint rounds will eliminate any shoot-through concerns with .223. You will get a lot of muzzle flash and blast with the short barrel, but you get that with a 16" barrel, too. Keep electronic muffs with your AR at all times and shoot the length you want. I have a 10 inch TC Contender barrel in .222, and it is a great short range coyote and groundhog gun.

MarkT said...

I’ve been thinking along those lines for a little while now myself. I have an unfinished lower to use just trying to decide between 5.56 or .300BLK. I have 5.56 already but .300 is better for suppressed if/when I finally make that decision. I could get 2 uppers and swap them out with the lower. Would need to be careful to use correct ammo with each upper.
Further thoughts?

Thomas said...

Glad you're back on the web! I hadn't been checking over here very often...

My impression is that you'd want a 10" barrel on one of those in 223.
I have been having similar thoughts and just haven't yet quite gotten around to ordering one. Will do that before the mid-term elections, though...

Daddy Hawk said...

I’ve got the itch for an AR “pistol” in .300BLK. A part of me wants to go ahead and SBR it with a suppressor, but the other part wants to thumb my nose at the BATFEIEIO. I don’t really NEED one since I have a carbine length AR in 5.56, but having a mini thumper in a compact package is appealing.