Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Everyday Blades.....

Tam started me thinking about this.

I *think* I've had this Kershaw for about 10 years now. 8 at the least. The Kershaw I bought as backup has been laying in my sock drawer so long the box fell apart. Under $40 at the time, and a squeal of a deal at that.

It's an Onion designed blade, with the 'Speedsafe' opening device. I DO like the fast and easy way the blades snaps out with it's spring assist. It's also easy enough to open against my leg or with two hands so the straights don't wet their panties.

It used to have a more pointier point, but like almost every pocket knife I've had.... something happened to it. I've gotten good at re-shaping blade points, and have arrived at this tiny Tanto profile that just suits how I use pocket knives.

The point snapped off, the anodizing of the scales is worn and dinged, and the edges went shiny years ago. All that just means it's proven itself in some pretty harsh working environments.

A Navy shooter once queried why I was carrying it in my shirt pocket (At the time). I explained I was an instructor in a public school, with high school seniors as students. I had learned that anything in my pants pockets could be lifted or fall out, but not so easily from a shirt pocket. It just took time to learn the draw.

This old bugger still responds to stone and steel, and manages to bear up to daily carry. I've got others, and lot's more expensive ones, but this is what I carry.

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